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Name:Thomas 'T.J.' Hammond
TJ Hammond was born to Elaine Barrish and Bud Hammond in North Carolina, three minutes before his brother Doug. Though he was the elder of the twins, he tended to be more like the younger, though he would never let Doug live down those three extra minutes of life he had over his brother. From a young age he was more of a mama's boy than close to his father, but he seemed on a good track when he started piano lessons at the age of six. There's no telling what he might have become - a piano prodigy, perhaps - had things not changed less than two years later. His father was elected President of the United States, and at age eight TJ and his family moved into the White House, and began to live in the fishbowl of public scrutiny that comes with such a high office. He never signed up for the publicity, but he had no choice in the matter, at such a young age. The news of his father's infidelities only put them even further into the spotlight, dragging out their dirty laundry for the world to see. It was during this time that TJ was unceremoniously forced out of the closet, becoming the first openly gay child to live in the White House, in his teens.

It wasn't long before the scrutiny and judgment of the world on his young life and his orientation began to truly get to TJ, leaving him a nervous wreck and unable to cope on his own. His parents were too busy to deal with it the way a normal family would, and TJ eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, cocaine in particular.Even after leaving the White House, their family was pushed under the microscope as much as ever, and TJ's usage only began to get worse, the more people watched and turned his life into a joke. He became a Washington "cautionary tale", his struggles with sobriety notorious, and was unable to really make anything of himself because of it.Between his sobriety troubles and the troubles in his personal life, as well as the passage of time and his inability to find something he could be truly proud of, TJ sank further and further, until he began an affair with Sean Reeves, a Republican Senator...who happened to be married with children, and very definitely in the closet. Things were wonderful for six months, and it was the happiest time of TJ's life...until it all fell apart. Threats to expose his affair made Sean break it off very abruptly and viciously, just before Christmas. The despair it triggered was enough to make TJ attempt to commit suicide - an attempt that was thwarted by his mother, rescuing him from the car at the last moment and taking him to the hospital. Since then he’s been on and off the wagon, struggling as ever, but trying his best to deal with the mess that is his life.

I am not T.J. Hammond, nor am I Sebastian Stan. Mun and muse are over eighteen.
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